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Ernie Van Drongelen


Electric Paramotor Developments

2007-Nov 3 Hollander Bert van Drongelen "Ernie" has crafted a new concept in electric power. His setup, called Quasar, appears to reduce the risk of hand injury by moving the prop back and balancing that with batteries in front.

He tells us the 15 kg (33 Lbs) machine has 40 kg (88 Lbs) thrust for 5 minutes using the newest  15 Kw Plettenberg motor spinning a one meter prop.

2006 Sep 24. Ernie is one who we are happy to have on our side. A larger collection of electric PPG hopefuls has probably never been presented than those submitted by Ernie. We appreciate his sharing. He has met with success using 2 direct-drive brushless motors with counter-rotating props. You can see more at

Thanks to Ernie Van Dongelen for sending us an update on his progress.

Ernie's Concepts

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