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Electric Paramotor Efforts

June 26, 2008 Headway is being made as Fresh Breeze works to bring an electric drive train to market. Pictures below are test flights by Michel Carnet. They're achieving 30 minutes with an efficient glider flown gingerly and are working to improve on that. The protype drive is mounted on a SportX frame.

Dec 7, 2007 According the Powered Paragliding Radio Show (, Chris Bowles reports that Fresh breeze is indeed planning to market their electric paramotor. It reportedly has 140 pounds of thrust and can fly the average person  for 20 to 40 minutes with a 68 pound unit including batteries.

These pictures were included during the latest testing of the motor.
Pictures courtesy Chris Bowles and Fresh Breeze.

April 29, 2007 Markus Müller of the German company Fresh Breeze, who is working with Helix Props, is well on his way to winning a duration competition for electric paramotors. We've been told that he's flown a 38 minute flight which would be the longest continuous flight on an electric paramotor. Pictures courtesy Fresh Breeze. We also applaud his willingness to share information on their progress.

We do not have any specifics but will put them up when made available.