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Werner Eck 

Electric Paramotor Efforts

03/23/2008 See the latest on an electric drive system being offered to paramotor and hang glider manufacturers.

Werner started working on his project in June of 2005 with an unsucccesful effort of having 2 props in front of the pilot. Then after talking with Richard Kruger Sprengel, who made the first succesful electric paramotor flight several years earlier, he decided on a standard configuration. That proved a fruitful decision.

His current machine has now been flown. Since he's most interested in climbing to soar, he didn't do a time test but rather sought maximum altitude. Using a 12.5 kg battery pack and very large folding prop, he was able to reacy about 2500 feet above ground level (800 metres). The report said it weighed 15kg over design weight so we don't know the weight of the machine that flew.

His intent is a way aloft for free flight but with the same freedom as a paramotor. His stated goals are similar to others:

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Safe battery-technology with little chance for burning or explosion
  • Minimize expensive specialized equipment

He says 'I think I will have reached nearly all my goals and will test the new drive extensively within the coming flight session. I have given lectures at flight exhibitions and many interested people want to buy such a drive. I do not intend to make a business out of this development, but I will help some good flight friends to get their electric PPG for having no-noise-fun under the clouds after a low-noise-start. That is the story and it will go on...' 

Werner is not going into business but will help those who share the same vision. As such Werner has freely shared his results and hopes others do the same. We'll offer new information as it becomes available.

This is a similar view to Csaba Lemak who has freely shared his results with us here on the website and elsewhere.


Soaring is more the goal here and free flyers will appreciate his concern for low drag during unpowered flight.

Prototype 2 Details:

7500 rpm outrunner motor with a 3.4:1 belt reduction.

He reported some problems with the controller and belt was able to fix those and achieve flight. The process burned two controllers and destroyed two sets of propeller plates so it's not without struggles. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

We appreciate Werner being willing to share information and also Mark Andrews for the report.