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Electric Flight Systems (EFS)

Great Britain

Electric Paramotor Efforts

2007 Mar 12. Paul Hallatt and a British team are working to develop electric paramotors and electric poweres hang gliders. 

They plan on flying tandem with their electric PPG unit, which would be a first, as well as an electric PPC.

Their system is capable of 12.8K continuous running with no additional cooling and they say they can boost this significantly higher.

Paul became widely known in the paramotor community for developing the Quest instrumentation system.


This well-funded effort has lots of potential to increase our collective chance for success.

These are the folks working on the project along with at least one of their resources: a wind tunnel. Handy for sure. The missiles? We'll have to wait for that connection. Paul has offered to share information on their electric paramotor project in a few weeks.

Team in wind Tunnel800.JPG (97425 bytes)Team with Missile800.jpg (120101 bytes)

1. Back row: Dr. Simon Ritchie, Ken Jinupun, Paul Hallat. Bottom Row: Julian James, Dr. Patrick Luk.

2. Paul Hallat, Dr. Patrick Luk, Ken Jinupun, Dr. Simon Ritchie, Julian James.