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Electric Paramotor Efforts

Nov 12, 2007 Richard Krüger-Sprengel provided a link about his creation, flown recently by Michel Carnet. We're trying to find out if they plan on marketing it yet, or not. The video was taped in St. Hillaire and several pilots had the opportunity to fly the machine. Marc Salama produced this video in English and French.

Richard is credited with the first electric paramotor flights in 2001, achieving 3.5 minutes using Nickel-Cadmium battery technology. Batteries have come a long way since then and Richard is not standing still. In an effort to encourage development, he is promoting the May 2007 electric paramotor competition in Germany.

One early effort used a very large prop (71") with Lithium Ion batteries. Although these batteries don't have the energy density of Lithium Polymer, they are less volatile.

2006-Dec-19 Richard Krüger-Sprengle electric paramotor shown at right. This  prototype goes for extreme efficiency using standard, but heavier, battery technology and a huge propeller. It also appears that he may not using netting, an risky exchange of risk for lower drag which would be substantial from the large net area covered.

Helix is working with several Electric PPG builders to maximize their efficiency. For more information, please visit the Helix website.