Electric Paramotor Resources

This new feature will become a compendium of information for developers. Any developer willing to share information will be greatly appreciated by the others and the hordes of hopeful pilots.

If you have a resource that might be valuable to the developer community or electric paramotor enthusiast, please send it to us at the Contact address. Thanks!

Electric Aircraft

2009-Jan-10 We can only hope that this idea eventually works: using solar power on the wing to extend flight time, maybe even keep us aloft. Although the technology is a long, long way off, paraglider improvements and solar generating efficiency improvements narrow the gap (more of a gulf at the moment).

Thanks to Thierry Siereveld for the following.



Electric Aircraft

2009-Jan-10 Randy Bollinger sent us this information on some new electric motors (1.2 Mb PDF) that show promise.

Electric Aircraft

2007-12-18 Gerald Farrell sent us information on the AE-1 Silent, Electric sailplane. Their application is merely for self launch but that suits a lot of PPG pilots, too. What's surprising is that this German-built sailplane started in 1998.

A flying hang glider trike has been built. See it at www.ElectraFlyer.com. This is too heavy for footluanched PPG but is a good start. Hang glider trikes, even though they fly faster, require less power per pound due to their relative aerodynamic cleanliness.

Electric Motors & Drives

2007-Aug-30 Manuel Planchart has suggested this source for brushless electric motors: a2tech.eu.

2008-Mar-21 Warner Eck has provided lots of information on electric drives for several applications of electric propulsion including paramotors and hang gliders. He also suggests several websites in his article.



2007-12-26 Gerald Farrell, Mike MacPhereson Stanford University Scientists have devised a way to increase the capacity of Lithium Ion batteries by 10 fold. More importantly it's been done using a process that should be reasonably easy to manufacture—a promising battery technology that hopefully somebody can bring to market.

2007-12-18 Keith Pickersgill tells us about a promising battery technology that may eventually pay huge performance dividents. Check out petrol-head.com and PureGreenCars.com.

2007-12-08 Flytown Power Company is courting electric PPG hopefulls with battery backs suited to their application. They want to serve the PPG and lightplane communities as a special manufacturer of high rate lithium polymer (lipo) battery in sizes from 20C/30C to 4800mAh

www.flytown-batt.com is willing to special produce batteries but their line mainly includes:

  • 1. high rate lipo battery, 10C/18C, 15C/25C, 20C/30C, 25C/30C... capacity could be 4800mah or higher. They'll pack them according to builders' needs. For example, 4S1P, 4S2P, 4S3P, ... 5S1P, 5S2P...6S1P,6S2P... even 10S10P is ok.
  • 2. intelligent charger for lipo battery with a balancing function,
  • 3. Accessories (all kinds of connectors)

For more information, contact Rainy Lee at Flytown Power Co., Ltd. Fax:86-760-855-7569

2007-03-16. Mike Crawford has suggested these resources for improved energy density at affordable prices: everspring.net. He tells us their prices are impressively low, nearly in line with gel-cell batteries. He hasn't purchased from them but is considering doing so for a boat application. They claim to be providing batteries for a Citroen model: http://www.everspring.net/product-battery-customerreference.htm


Most of our technology will come from other sources. This will be maintained as a reference for those developing or shopping (eventually) for electric powered paragliding capability.