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The most active electric paramotor worldwide in 2019 is the OpenPPG quad-motor. As best I can tell, it’s the only big seller out there probably owing to the very affordable price. It’s a kit that’s based mostly on consumer level goods from the drone industry and has an unusual marketing method.

The “Open” part is that they have put the plans out there for anybody to download and build. You can either do it all yourself, buy a kit that merely requires assembly, or buy a completed paramotor.

I’ve flown an example, owned by Rob Catto, for a review in XCMag. Most of it will be on I flew it again at the Bad Apples gathering in Georgia for the purpose of seeing how much flight time was possible using an efficient soaring wing (I got 32 minutes). They also thrust tested it at just under 130 pounds on London Ivey’s tester.