Press Release

March 7, 2008 Yuneec International again set a World First with 3 Electric Paramotor’s airborne at once!

During 2 full days of intensive testing in the South of China the Yuneec International test pilots set a new first with 3 of Yuneec’ E-PAC electric paramotor units airborne at the same time.

A group of 12 people, pilots and support team, together with 3 E-PAC units, 90 battery packs (1,350 cells) chargers and equipment travelled to Shenzhen to test the latest Yuneec E-PAC motor and controller units. These motors and controllers were the final pre-production units before actual production starts early May.

Fitted to the E-Pac basic test frames the power systems were flown continuously over the 2 days by everyone not just the test pilots and had countless hours airborne. All performed faultlessly.

Clive Coote, Yuneec Internationals European managing Director flew for the first time after one hours ground training with Gilo Cardozo, it was Clive’s first ever parawing flight of any type. Clive believes that the man at the sharp end of any business should be prepared to use his own product and was ecstatic that his first ever flight could be using his own companies electric paramotor unit.

Clive said after the flight he was delighted at how easy the E-PAC was to use and also how it performed. Clive is 95Kg (210lbs) and used a 27sq Mtr Ozone Sport 3 wing and E-PAC took him off the beach in a very light wind with ease.

Earlier that day Gilo Cardozo of Everest fame, who is one of Yuneec consultants and test pilots, had flown an E-PAC in standard 6 pack configuration for just over 45 minutes. Gilo had numerous flights over the 2 days and said it was superb machine to fly and perfect for training.

The three E-PAC units flew all together on several occasions for the film crew who were there recording the event.

Production is still on target to start early May with the first units becoming available end of May.

Further information, as it becomes available, on the Yuneec paramotor can be requested by emailing Yuneec’s European Managing Director Mr. Clive Coote at or calling on 01707 664111 (Office hours)