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Electric paramotors are out there but almost exclusively for getting pilots up to soaring heights. They're not ready for prime time mostly because of the expense and weight of battery technology but that continues to make slow, steady progress. For a long time we thought it would happen faster but, alas, problems have turned out more daunting than expected.

Prices for an Electric Paramotor, if you can find one, still exceed $10k and offer only about 15 minutes of full power, crank it up flying. They'll do much longer if only cruising on an efficient wing.

Even this isn't available in the U.S.
Tim is standing next to a test electric vehicle during a trip to France.

If you have questions or comments about Electric paramotors you are invited to join the Electric PPG discussion group.

Experiment with the Capabilities

Paramotor pilot Mark Deseck drools over the electrifying possibilities. He combined his experience with electricity and excel to offer an interesting look at what the physics say are capable of in ideal implementations. As covered elsewhere, there's a lot of details to bedevil the developer, but a lot that is possible. His spreadsheet allows experimenting with variables of thrust, battery weight and flight duration to see what any given combination could be like.

See Mark's Electric Paramotor Spreadsheet here.

Where to Start:

Check out the FAQ. If you have any other information of interest to electric paramotor wannabes, send it to us so we can share. And keep up the good work!

ElectricParamotorByPhilClark.jpg (243405 bytes)PhiAndCsaba.jpg (52840 bytes)

The Csaba Lemak motor that started it all. Phil Clark (left) discusses test results with Csaba after some test flying during the day. Photos courtesy Phil Clark.

This machine also made an appearance in Albuquerque, NM where it was weighed and put on a thrust tester. 


Unfortunately, there is no electric PPG yet for sale. As soon as one hits the market, you will see it listed here along with the marketing literature and an experienced PPG pilot's take on its capabilities. Manufacturer claims in paramotoring are frequently wildly exaggerated because there is no accountability in them. 

For complete information on paramotoring (powered paragliding), please visit www.footflyer.com which strives to strip the myths and give good information from long-time pilots who do NOT sell equipment.

Latest News:

2016-05-09 New in U.S?

2015-12-03 News: Status

What's Coming:

Wheeled electric is not far behind. Already electric powered hang gliders are flying. These require less overall power than our craft due to lower drag, but not much less.

Electric sailplanes and hang glider trikes have already flown. Electric PPG's are hopefully not far behind.

Paul Anthem takes on a humorous tour of electric paramotoring's possible but hoped-against future.